Kryptonite New York Kettenschloss + Evolution S4 Disc

Kryptonite New York Kettenschloss + Evolution S4 Disc


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<div>Over 40 years ago, Kryptonite began with a mission. While much has changed in bicycling, and bicycle security, our objective remains the same, we are here to empower you to protect what you value.</div><br>

<div>Through constant innovation, expert guidance, and our never-ending commitment, Kryptonite will continue to pursue our passion and do everything we can to ensure you can go where you want, when you want by offering smart, serious security solutions.</div><br>


<li>Colour: Black/Orange</li>
<li>Lock size: 12mm x 130cm </li>
<li>Type: Chain lock</li>
<li>Security level: 9/10</li>
<li>Weight: 3.15kg</li>

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