Timber Bolt-On MTB Glocke


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The Timber bell is your ideal companion for city streets to towpath trails. Available in both bolt on and quick release, the Timber is your new, friendly handlebar mounted Cow bell.

Motion activated, the Timber is a passive, non aggressive method of communication. Don’t for a minute think the Timber is lacking in oomph though – We’ve recorded rings of up to 90DB in our office!

A simple on/off lever controls the internal clapper. Slide it down for on, up for off. Or set it in between for a quieter sound.

Timber bell mounts on your handlebars within easy reach of your hands. Fits 22.2mm & 31.8mm handlebars. Mount it on the bars for occasional use, or directly on the grips for instant shifting between silent and ring mode.

The Bolt-On version is identical to the quick release model, except it features a tight, durable mount that won’t spin, shake or rattle on your bars. Similar to a GPS or Garmin mount, it has a flexible nylon band that tightens to your bars with a 5mm hex bolt.

Sleek black finish. Solid brass bell has a crisp, clean sound.

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